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AMLIFE : Love Your Life

Hi-tech Home Use Medical Equipment from Japan

In 2002 Chairman Lew Mun Yee founded U.E.S. Health Farm Sdn. Bhd., a company that specialises in international franchise for the marketing of hi-tech home use equipment and the provision of health education and healthcare services. UES advocates and provides educational services in naturopathy with the intention of promoting holistic health for people all over the world.

With the good intention of providing sincere health management and healthcare services, Chairman Lew Mun Yee has brought in electro-potential therapy, in the form of an effective hi-tech home use equipment, from Japan.

No medicine, no injections, no side effects with naturopathy

Chairman Lew Mun Yee strongly promotes naturopathy that does not have any side effects and completely pre-empts medicine, injections and surgery. For the modern man, it is a natural form of healthcare that tackles health problems at their roots to ward off illnesses.

The equipment and healthcare management plan invented by the Japanese centre on the activation of the body’s natural healing power. It treats the symptoms as well as root causes of the modern man’s lifestyle diseases once and for all!

Dr. Okamoto Yu, a Japanese specialist on neurosurgery and malignant tumour, revealed that 90% of diseases do not need medicine and injections. The key to healing in these instances is to enhance self-healing power.

Establishment of AMLIFE

In 2012, in response to increasing healthcare demands for insomnia, sub-optimal health problems, declining stamina and lifestyle around the world, a ‘bedding healthcare industry’ was set up officially to ensure proper healthcare, disease prevention and recuperative therapy for customers when they are sleeping or resting.

Eager to combine bedding with good healthcare, AMLIFE has brought in from Japan an ‘electro-potential and heat therapy mattress’ , a ‘high performance health pillow’ and ‘titanium energy blanket’. The objective is to enhance the concept of daily and domestic healthcare by supplying user-friendly products, thereby expanding market share, company sales and profit.

AMLIFE has won tremendous market recognition and consumer accolades with its unique experiential marketing, top quality products, superior services and astounding healthcare efficacy.

Our Mission—maintaining health and creating wealth

We strongly believe that true wealth for mankind is good health. Hence we shall always uphold our mission of ‘maintaining health and creating wealth’ among the general population to inculcate a ‘loving’ life—a healthy body and a harmonious family that are full of happiness and felicity so as to benefit others and the society.